The Journal

The Journal of Political Risk (JPR) is a peer-reviewed journal covering political risk and opportunity. JPR also publishes working papers, editorials, and other content.

Political risk is defined as the cost of possible political events, multiplied by their respective probabilities. Examples include political risk from war, terrorism, extortion, riots, public opinion, trade unions, and unexpected government laws or actions with respect to regulations, taxes, corruption, protectionism, embargoes, trade restrictions, profit repatriation, price controls, currency convertibility, expropriation, nationalization, and human rights. Political opportunity is also of interest, and includes any benefits or positive trends on these and other political factors. Political risk includes, but is not limited to, the concepts of sovereign and country risk.

The audience for the Journal of Political Risk is mostly composed of investors, officials, academics, and non-profit organizations with an interest in stability and the limitation of political risk to investments. Economic sectors of particular interest are finance, oil, gas, minerals, mining, retail, real estate, sovereign debt,  and manufacturing.

The Journal of Political Risk was founded in May 2013, and is published by Corr Analytics Inc.

ISSN 2831-3089