Call for Papers – March 2018

The Journal of Political Risk (JPR) is a peer-reviewed journal covering political risk and opportunity. The Journal was started in 2013 and is currently seeking submissions for its sixth volume.

Political risk is defined as the cost of possible political events, multiplied by their respective probabilities. Examples include political risk from war, terrorism, extortion, riots, public opinion, trade unions, and unexpected government laws or actions with respect to regulations, taxes, corruption, protectionism, embargoes, trade restrictions, profit repatriation, price controls, currency convertibility, expropriation, and nationalization.

Potential topics include:

  • North Korea nuclear ambitions
  • China’s debt
  • Russia’s relationship to China
  • Centrifugal forces in the European Union
  • Conflict and reform in Saudi Arabia and Iran
  • The effect of Israel on U.S. foreign policy
  • Development economics in Africa
  • Chinese and Russian influence and investment in South America, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and Georgia
  • The South China Sea dispute
  • China’s border relations with India, Bhutan, Pakistan, and Myanmar
  • Lessons from counterinsurgency (Iraq and Afghanistan)
  • Potential outcomes to the Syrian Civil War
  • Economic and Political Instability in Venezuela

Submitted papers are selected for publication first as working papers on a rolling basis. Submissions should be directed to: [email protected]. Authors of selected papers will work with editors of the Journal prior to the publication of their submissions as working papers. After changes in response to three peer reviews of each working paper are made by the author, the paper will be considered peer-reviewed.

For more information, please consult the submissions guidelines online at